Engaging Art Lessons


Self-Expression Through Art

Learn how art can be an effective way to express your emotions and ideas with the help of a professional art instructor. Neighborhood Academy of Music in Clayton, NC offers engaging art lessons as an addition to its full line of music lessons. Join a class today and discover a new avenue for self-expression. Individual/private art lessons are also available.
Artist brushes and paints

Creativity and Imagination

Through our art lessons, students are given access to a positive means of self-expression. Art classes have proven helpful especially in developing children’s creativity and imagination. The lessons provide a fun learning environment where they can explore various art media.

We Use a Variety of Media, Including:

Colored Pencil
Acrylic Paint

Unleash Your Child’s Potential

Our art and music instruction programs are carefully designed based on the maturity and skill levels of our students. If your child shows early signs of interest in music or art, come to us, and we will help you unleash your child’s potential. Call us at 919-359-6105 to learn more.

Enroll in Our Music School Today

Our institution has been helping students of all ages harness their passion for music for more than 14 years. Make the most out of your talent by enrolling in our music school today. Call us at 919-359-6105. We look forward to assisting you, or your loved one, in nurturing your skills.
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