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Find a musical instrument that is comfortable to play at The Music Box, a popular store in Clayton, NC owned by the Neighborhood Academy of Music. We offer cost-efficient instrument sales and rentals. Check out our wide collection of high-quality instruments. From violins and band instruments to pianos and digital keyboards, we have the perfect instrument to accompany you in your musical endeavor.

Rent-to-Own Violins and Band Instruments

With customers ranging from beginners to accomplished musicians, The Music Box is the trusted music store in the area for providing quality violins and band instruments at competitive prices. Our academy also sponsors a rent-to-own instrument program through the National Educational Music Company (NEMC). Low rental fees, zero interest charges, and the option to return the instrument at any time are some of the benefits you can expect from our excellent rental services. Regular payments apply toward purchase. You can also rent online. We will have your instrument ready for pickup! For pricing details, feel free to ask our representatives.

Piano and Keyboards Sales

Neighborhood Academy of Music is an authorized dealer of Suzuki acoustic and digital pianos and keyboards. Suzuki is a respected name in the music industry for its digital piano’s durability. We guarantee that the ones in our collection can be your perfect companion during your rehearsals or recitals. We also have stocks of entry level keyboards and full-sized digital and acoustic pianos by Casio and Yamaha.
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Instrument Maintenance and Repair Services

If you are looking for instruments that are available for rent, visit our shop today to check out our collection. We guarantee that the instruments we offer are teacher-approved band and orchestra musical instruments. Rental payments apply toward purchase of an instrument while an early purchase option may be exercised at any time. Each instrument may also be covered by a maintenance and repair service plan as well as limited damage, fire, and burglary waivers.

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Before purchasing or renting musical instruments, be sure to check out our collection and prices at The Music Box. We provide the most affordable prices in the area. Call us at 919-359-6105 and tell us what you’re looking for.
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